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Biomatrica provides diagnostics manufacturers with the ability to increase market share by chemically stabilizing assay reagents and samples. Biomatrica’s innovative stability technologies preserve biological materials, such as DNA, RNA, proteins, cells and entire assays. Our technologies allow diagnostic companies to access wider markets, reduce assay development time vs. lyophilization, and eliminate the need for risky, expensive cold chain management. Biomatrica's design, development, manufacturing and supply processes have been certified by British Standards Institution Group America, Inc. to comply with the quality system requirements of ISO 13485:2003.

The company’s ambient temperature storage technology was originally developed based upon the phenomenon of anhydrobiosis, the ability of some organisms to hibernate in a desiccated state during dry periods, and then reanimate upon contact with water. Focusing our studies on microscopic, desert-dwelling creatures called Tardigrades, which undergo anhydrobiosis for up to 120 years, Biomatrica scientists identified how to chemically mimic the mechanism of anhydrobiosis. These studies resulted in a thermostable, dissolvable, glass-like matrix that effectively packages and protects the targeted molecules in any given biological sample. Following stabilization at room temperature with Biomatrica's technology, biological specimens can be rehydrated for subsequent studies with the addition of a few drops of water. Further development of the technology has lead to the generation of a large library of chemical stabilizers, including ones that can be used for stabilization of biomolecules in liquid formats.

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