DNAgard® Saliva HT

Saliva DNA Collection Optimized for Streamlined Automated Processing
  • Pierceable cap eliminates time-consuming uncapping for automated processing
  • Triple-redundant labeling & LIMS-compatible for accurate sample tracking
  • User-friendly design increases protocol compliance

DNAgard Saliva HT

Product Description

DNAgard® Saliva HT is a saliva DNA collection device designed to collect and stabilize saliva samples for genetic analysis. Innovative design makes stabilized saliva collection simpler, less error prone, and seamlessly supports high-throughput automated platforms.

For laboratories, DNAgard® Saliva HT features a pierce-able cap that eliminates time-consuming de-capping steps along with triple redundant tracking labels that are LIMS-compatible label for accurate sample tracking.

For subjects DNAgard® Saliva HT provides a simplified collection process with a spill-proof design, tethered cap, and no additional reagents to mix in. These improvements eliminate user contact with the chemical stabilizer and accommodate arthritic hands.

DNAgard Saliva HT Workflow
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product Data

Average 25% higher DNA yield vs. Oragene (DNAgenotek)

DNA yield from DNAgard Saliva HT vs. Oragene
Figure 1: Saliva from 12 donors was collected and stored using DNAgard Saliva HT or Oragene Dx. Genomic DNA from matched samples was then purified using the QIAsymphony SP instrument with QIAsymphony DSP DNA Midi Kit by protocol Bio350. DNA yields, obtained using QIAexpert, were 26% higher for DNAgard Saliva HT samples than Oragene samples (Student’s paired two-tailed t-test, p < 0.0006.)

Greater DNA yields reduce failure rates and costs, and improve turn-around time

DNA yield from DNAgard Saliva vs Oragene in cystic fibrosis study
Figure 2: A CLIA laboratory studying cystic fibrosis with saliva DNA in NGS panels experienced assay failure due to low saliva DNA recovery. DNAgard Saliva HT provided superior yield and assay performance when tested against Oragene Discover.

Product Specifications

Saliva sample: 2ml
DNAgard® Saliva HT (Stabilizer): 2ml
DNA preservation at room temperature: 1 year
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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97021-012A DNAgard® Saliva HT 48 kits $960.00

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