DNAgard® Saliva

Collect, Preserve and Ship DNA in Saliva Samples at Ambient Temperatures
  • Reliable and cost-effective saliva collection
  • Compatible with automated purification systems such as MagNA Pure
  • Compatible with a variety of manual purification systems
  • Optimal for a wide range of downstream applications
DNAgard Saliva

Preserve DNA in Saliva Instantly

DNAgard® Saliva allows for the efficient collection, preservation and shipping of saliva samples for DNA isolation and analysis. The product is designed for ease of use, with a simple process from collection to storage: (1) Spit into collection device, (2) Add the stabilizer to the collection device, (3) Remove the collection funnel from the device, (4) Screw on the cap, (5) Mix gently by inverting the tube 5 - 7 times. DNA in saliva samples are preserved for up to 2 years at room temperature, with high quality DNA recovery. The stabilizing preservative has been formulated to offer flexible DNA recovery from a wide range of DNA extraction and purification kits.

DNAsaliva Workflow
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product Performance

DNA protection at room temperature for 2 years

DNAgard Saliva gel 2 year image
Figure 1: Comparison of DNA stored in DNAgard Saliva (DGS) versus non-protected DNA (NP) and DNA stored at -80°C. Two hundred µl of saliva from one donor was mixed with 150 µl of DNAgard Saliva. The mixture was stored at room temperature for 2 years. Also, 200 µl aliquots of saliva from the same donor were stored non-protected (NP) at room temperature and at -80°C for the same time period as negative and positive controls. DNA was isolated using QIAamp® DNA Blood Mini Kit and eluted with 100 µl of elution buffer. Samples were analyzed by electrophoresis on a 0.8% agarose gel.

Quality of DNA preserved for 2 years in DNAgard Saliva

DNAgard Saliva Preservation Performance bar graph
Figure-2: DNA purity analyzed by UV spectroscopy (A260/A280) DNA from the saliva of 3 donors preserved in DNAgard Saliva (DGS) has equivalent or greater purity than DNA from saliva of the same donors stored at -80°C.

PicoGreen assay quantitation of DNA preserved for 2 years in DNAgard Saliva

DNgard Saliva PicoGreen assay quantitation bar graph
Figure-3: DNA yield analyzed by PicoGreen® Assay Saliva DNA preserved in DNAgard Saliva(DGS) for 2 years at room temperature shows equivalent or greater yield than that of saliva DNA stored at -80°C for the same time period as measured by PicoGreen assay.

Product Specifications

  • Saliva sample: 2ml
  • DNAgard Saliva (Stabilizer): 1.5ml
  • DNA preservation at room temperature: 2 years
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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