Biomatrica Webinar Series

Biomatrica presents a series of webinars on applications and technologies for stabilization, storage, and shipping of biological materials. These webinars will describe Biomatrica's technology platforms, products, and scientific validation studies.

2014 Webinars

AssayStable™: A better approach to assay stabilization

Archived webinars

Biobank migration - from automated frozen to automated room temperature, Aurora ORBIT experience
Out of the cold: preserving DNA and RNA at room temperature.
  • Presented by: Laurent Coulon, Ph. D., Product Manager.
  • Download here.
Tracking physical samples and associated data with SampleWare
  • Presented by: Dr Tom Stockfisch, SampleWare Development Specialist.
  • This is offered as a hands-on DEMO only.
Enhancing STR/PCR Experiments
  • Presented by: Sharron Ohgi, Senior Research Associate.
  • Download here.
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