LBgard® Blood Tubes

Robust cfDNA collection for liquid biopsy and NIPT

  • Preserve cfDNA for 14 days
  • Preserve CTCs and WBCs for 4 days
  • Minimize hemolysis & gDNA release
  • Secure blood samples in plastic tubes
LBgard Blood Tube

Workflow Overview

LBgard Workflow
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product Data

Stabilize cfDNA and Prevent Genomic DNA Release

LBgard Blood cfDNA and genomic DNA data
Figure 1: Plasma DNA concentrations are stabilized in LBgard Blood Tube vs Streck BCT and EDTA tubes over 14 days.

Preserve cfDNA and Prevent gDNA Release in Cancer Patient Samples

Sample cancer patient trace showing cfDNA and gDNA release
Figure 2: Stage IV colon cancer patient cfDNA is stabilized in LBgard Blood Tubes for 15 days, and genomic spillage is prevented, compared to Streck BCTs.

Maintain Detection of Cancer Mutant Alleles

Data showing rare KRAS G12D cfDNA is preserved over 14 days in LBgard Blood tubes compared to Streck cfDNA BCT.
Figure 3: Rare cfDNA KRAS G12D cancer alleles are preserved in LBgard Blood Tubes for 14 days compared to Streck BCTs as measured by ddPCR.

Obtain High-Quality cfDNA (fetal DNA) Compatible with Downstream NIPT/NGS

Bar graph showing unique reads of NIPT cfDNA preserved in Trisomy Test Run on Life Technologies DA 8600
Figure 4: NIPT cfDNA preserved in Trisomy Test Run on DA 8600 from Life Technologies.

Stabilize CTCs & WBCs for 4 Days at Ambient Temperature

Bar and whisker plot showing CTC and WBC recovery from blood samples stored in LBgard tubes and Streck BCT for 4 days at 25 degrees C.
Figure 5:CTCs and WBCs are preserved in LBgard Blood Tubes, with superior recovery after four days compared to Streck BCTs.

Product Specifications

Product description: Evacuated, sterile, blood collection tubes (10mL)
Pre-fill volume (preservative) = 0.6mL
Blood draw volume = 8.5mL
Pre-fill storage temperature = 4°C - 25°C
Post-fill storage temperatures:
• cfDNA = 14 days at 4°C - 37°C
• CTCs and WBCs = 4 days at 18°C - 30°C


Catalog No. Product Description Size Price
68021-001 LBgard® Blood Tubes 50 tubes $400.00

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