Customer Comments

Customer Comments on Biomatrica Technologies

"It's clear from the success we've had from our first assays that Biomatrica is a great collaborator."
- Jon Faiz Kayyem, PhD, Founder & Sr. Vice President, Research & Development, GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.


“Biomatrica’s ambient stabilization technology enabled us to save money and space in several areas of our whole blood and nucleic acid biobanking operations. The Biomatrica technology is robust, and their teams scientific support was pivotal for our implementation given some of our special requirements”
- Dr. Andrew Brooks, Ph.D., Associate Professor and COO of RUCDR Infinite Biologics, the world’s largest university-based biorepository.


“For the time points tested in this study (up to 365 days), the findings indicate that the −20 °C controls and the DNAstable protected samples at room temperature provided similar DNA recoveries that were higher compared to the unprotected controls kept at RT, 37 °C or 50 °C. These results suggest that DNAstable can protect DNA samples with effectiveness similar to that of the traditional −20 °C freezing method. In addition, extrapolations from accelerated aging experiments conducted at high temperatures support that DNAstable is an effective technology for preserving purified DNA at room temperature with a larger protective impact on DNA samples of low quantity (<20 ng).”
- Howlett, S.E.,Castillo, H.S., Gioeni, L.J., Robertson, J.M., Donfack, J.* Evaluation of DNAstable for DNA storage at ambient temperature FSI Genetics, 8(1): 170-178. *FBI Laboratory Division, Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit


“Results from this validation study support the claim that DNAstable LD acts to protect DNA from degradation when exposed to simulated harsh environments (54°C), and proved to be beneficial for maintaining the quality and quantity of low-level DNA samples (< 0.05 ng/μl DNA).”
- S.L. Graziano, C.M. Duda and M.L. Collins, DNAstable LD Validation Project, Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory


"HIV-1 RNA extracted from clinical specimens was stabilized in a dry matrix in a commercial product (RNAstable, Biomatrica, San Diego, CA, USA) and in a reverse-transcription reaction mixture in liquid form as cDNA. As few as 145 HIV-1 genome copies of viral RNA are reliably stabilized by RNAstable at 45 °C for 92 days and in the cDNA format at 45 °C for 7 days as determined by real-time PCR."
- Stevens, D.,S., Crudder, C.H., Domingo, G., Post-extraction stabilization of HIV viral RNA for quantitative molecular tests. Journal of Virological Methods, 182(1-2):104-110.


"I start out with very small amounts of degraded DNA, and then perform bi-sulfate modification for DNA methylation analysis, which leads to further degradation. Using PCRboost, I am now able to see bands that were invisible without it."
- Mina Kalantari, Ph.D., Assistant Researcher, University of California, Irvine