SampleWare® 4.2

Manage Biological Samples Simply and Efficiently
  • Customizable database for efficient sample tracking, storage and retrieval
  • Install, learn and use in minutes
  • Attach data and image files to individual samples
  • Track all activities performed on sample via barcodes and RFID
  • Create user groups and manage user permissions


Introducing SampleWare 4.2

SampleWare is a laboratory management software created for scientists by scientists. SampleWare allows you to quickly and efficiently organize your samples for tracking, storage and retrieval. The latest release of SampleWare 4.2 provides quick access to importing and exporting data and files in Excel file formats. The Excel import feature allows creation of custom mappings to import virtually any Excel file (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, and .xml). In addition, the new release improves migration to and from MS Access and MS SQL server for back-up/restore operations. Click here to see the new features added to SampleWare 4.0.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Common Use Case Scenarios

Freezer Management

Freezer Management with SampleWare

Figure 1: Sample collections often span multiple freezers and storage units, and sample numbers can rapidly grow to unmanageable numbers. This can result in difficulty in locating specific samples quickly, clutter and wasted space, and lack of inventory control. SampleWare provides easy-to-use and efficient tools to manage inventory spanning multiple freezers and storage units. Sampleware allows the user to map each freezer, refrigerator or cabinet down to individual position, search for the exact location of each sample, associate barcodes with each sample and position, and use 2D barcode plate scanners to assist in sample placement. Download a trial version.

Chain of Custody

How to track chain of custody graphic

Figure-2:. In a complex work flow or large organization it is often difficult to track where a sample is at a particular moment. This presents risks to many different types of organizations, such as those involved in clinical management, contract research, and forensics. With SampleWare, you can implement Standard Operating Procedures that require scientists to 'check out' samples or mark where they are in a particular workflow. This allows you to itemize steps in a workflow, assign ownership of a sample, and create ownership reports. Download a trial version


How to use Auto-Attach

Figure-3:. In a high throughput environment, hundreds or thousands of data files are being generated daily. It is often difficult or impractical to upload these files to a searchable database and link them with the samples that they originated from. SampleWare provides an Auto-Attach feature that allows data files to be automatically uploaded to the database and associated with a sample. Auto-Attach provides the following functionality: a) Monitors a specific directory for data files, b) Uploads new files to the database, c) Associates each file with the appropriate sample. Download a trial version

Aliquot Management

How to manage aliquots

Figure-4:. When transferring aliquots and creating daughter plates from a master plate, it is important to maintain accurate records regarding the source of the sample as well as the volumes. However, manual records are not only time consuming but also prone to error. In SampleWare, sample data can by transferred or copied between plates. When creating aliquots, this allows you to easily maintain a record of where a sample came from and to adjust the volumes accordingly. Using SampleWare to manage aliquots allows scientists to increase their efficiency while reducing their chance of error. Download a trial version

Product Specifications

SampleWare Desktop Version 4.2
  • Single User
  • Unlimited Sample Storage
  • Customizable Database
  • RFID / Barcode Enabled
  • Spreadsheet and Container Views
  • Import / Export Functionality
SampleWare Network Version 4.2
  • Multi-User (up to 5) Network Enabled
  • Unlimited Sample Storage
  • Customizable Database
  • RFID / Barcode Enabled
  • Spreadsheet and Container Views
  • Choose between MS-Access and MSDE SQL database
  • Import / Export Functionality


Catalog No. Product Description Size Price
80094-003 SampleWare® Desktop Version 4.2 Single User
Unlimited sample storage
80096-003 SampleWare® Network Version 4.2 Up to 5 users
Unlimited sample storage