Biomatrica offers technologies that serve the biobanking community. The combination of Biomatrica's innovative room temperature-based formulations for shipping, archiving and preservation of DNA (purified gDNA, blood, buffy coat, tissues and cells) and RNA (tRNA, mRNA, miRNA, siRNA), and industry-leading automation and bio-storage companies, offers a cost-effective, scalable and highly flexible solution for biobanking.

Biomatrica solutions for the biobanking community

Biomatrica offers innovative technologies for biospecimen storage with the flexibility and scalability that meets the growing needs of biorepositories. Our comprehensive solution includes biostore construction & installation (with partners), optimized sample management workflow, storage format (tubes or plates) options, easy sample retrieval, and scientifically-validated technologies for storing and shipping a variety of biospecimens (blood, serum, buffy coat, tissues, cells, clones, etc) at ambient room temperature.

Scientific Validation Studies

Biomatrica Products for the Biobanking market

Biomatrica has developed a range of products for room temperature stabilization and shipping of tissues, cells, biopsy materials, blood or bacterial strains from collection site to the laboratory for analysis. Some of these products are listed within links below, including some pending release(s):

Pre-Analytics Products
Stability Products
Software Products

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