Molecular diagnostics involves the collection, transport and analysis of biological specimens for the diagnosis of patient health or disease regimes. Biological materials such as DNA and RNA are extracted from bio-specimens such as blood, saliva or buccal swabs collected from individual patients and used for analysis. It is critical to stabilize these biological materials at collection site and during transportation to the laboratory prior to analysis which can take some time. Current approaches use cold-freezing and cold-shipping which are cost-prohibitive and require the use of harzardous shipping materials.

Biomatrica offers new technologies to preserve and protect these samples at ambient conditions, allowing a cost-effective shipping method that completely removes the use of high-cost shipping and packaging materials. Biomatrica is developing a new line of products - termed the "Gard" which is designed to rapidly stabilize nucleic acids in cells, tissue, biopsy material, saliva, and blood samples. These products protect samples from degradation at room temperature, and fit directly into the point of care workflow and offer the ability to transport biological materials with increased quality enabling forensics, biobanking, research and molecular diagnostics pre-analytics market without the need for refrigeration.


Pre-analytics is often defined as "all the processes that occur before analysis - sample collection, sample shipping, sample storage and sample preparation for analysis". Biomatrica's "Gard" product line has been designed to rapidly stabilize nucleic acids in cells, tissue, biopsy materials, blood and saliva samples. Below is a general workflow for the Gard product line:

General Workflow for the Gard Product Line picture

Within this workflow, we offer ambient-based biopreservation of blood, saliva and tissue, from collection and shipping to laboratory analysis. These products are for research use only, and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Biomatrica Products and Services for Pre-Analytics

Biomatrica has developed a range of products and custom services for room temperature stabilization and shipping of tissues, cells, biopsy materials, blood, bacteria, and entire assays from collection site to the laboratory for analysis. Some of these products are listed below:

RNAgard Blood

Collect, preserve and purify RNA from whole blood samples.

DNAgard Saliva Products

Collect, preserve and ship DNA in saliva samples at ambient temperatures.

DNAgard Blood

Collect, stabilize, ship and store DNA from whole blood samples at ambient conditions.

DNAgard Tissue

Room temperature stabilization of unextracted DNA in tissue, cell lines and biopsy materials

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