Biomatrica Products for the Forensics market

Biomatrica has developed a range of products for forensic scientists in biological evidence collection, transportation, storage, and processing. DNA extracts from different sample types (blood, semen, buccal, etc) can be preserved for long-time at room temperature with high quality and high yield. Our room temperature DNA stabilization reagents as well as assay enhancement products (see below) have been well validated by several forensic scientists and laboratories. A detailed listing of these validations and publications is also provided below.


Stabilize store and ship purified DNA at room temperature
  • Long-term stabilization, storage and shipment of DNA at room temperature
  • High yield DNA recovery and use without further purification
  • Compatible with most downstream applications, e.g., PCR, sequencing, and microarrays
  • Available in a variety of compact formats, e.g., tubes, multi-well plates & custom.
  • Cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to freezer crawl and lab space management

DNAstable® enables you to preserve, store and ship your purified DNA samples at room temperature. Sample recovery is achieved within minutes by simply adding water or buffer to the matrix. Sample is ready for downstream analysis without need for any additional purification step.

DNA stabilization can be achieved in two formats:

Pre-dried in tubes or plates (DNAstable)

DNAstable Blood - 12 years at room temperature

Liquid-to-Dry storage format (DNAstable LD)

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PCRboost Image


Improve Your PCR Performance with PCRboost. Simply.

PCRboost® is a reagent that enhances end-point and reverse transcription-PCR performance by improving sensitivity and specificity during amplification of genomic DNA or RNA templates.

  • Enhance your most challenging PCR samples
  • Simple to Use
  • Reduces number of cycles
  • Use existing Taq polymerase and PCR protocol

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Summary of Biomatrica Technologies, Key Customers and Customer Publications for the Forensic Community

List of publications, scientific posters, and application notes

Examples of evaluation studies by Forensic scientists

Long-term storage of gDNA in DNAstable.

Talks and Presentations by forensic scientists

A Forensic DNA workshop was conducted at the 2011 AAFS Meeting, with presentations from four crime labs:

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Key Forensics Customers