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Biomatrica is an innovative molecular biology company creating new technologies that harness nature's unique long-term preservation methodology of certain multi-cellular organisms. Biomatrica's proprietary technology platform provides long-term preservation and storage of nucleic acids (RNA, DNA, clones, bacteria, blood, tissues, cells, etc) at ambient room temperature. When adopted, the technology enables research institutions to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, minimize storage costs of an institution's large collections of biological samples, while protecting these valuable assets from degradation, quality reduction and avoidable mishaps/loss.

Paradigm-changing solution
Scientific Evaluations of Biomatrica's technology

Room temperature-based storage of nucleic acids has been evaluated by various researchers in the academic, government and forensic laboratories. The studies have been evaluated against the current storage method of cold-freezers (low and ultra-low temperature), in terms of the yield and quality of the recovered biological materials, as well as impact (if any) on downstream analysis such as PCR, microarray and sequencing experiments.

Biomatrica Products for the Research market

Biomatrica has developed a range of products for room temperature stabilization and shipping of tissues, cells, biopsy materials, blood or bacterial strains from collection site to the laboratory for analysis. Some of these products are listed within links below, including some pending release(s):

Pre-Analytics Products
Stability Products
Assay Enhancer Products

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An overview and inter-connectedness of our solutions to biomedical research is located at the link here. For more information, please email us at info@biomatrica.com, or call us at 1-866-379-6879.