Ambient Biobank for Collection and Storage of PTSD Soldier Blood Samples for Gene Expression Analysis

Customer Problem

  • United States Army researchers want to profile soldiers for PTSD biomarkers.
  • Current solutions make it costly or impossible to collect and analyze samples.
  • Moving to ambient collection and storage of samples will allow routine screening of soldiers for PTSD.

Biomatrica Solution

  • RNAgard® Blood in evacuated blood draw tubes was used to collect blood from soldiers.
  • Biomatrica constructed a sample processing workflow to purify RNA and DNA from samples.
  • Following purification, samples were stored in an ambient temperature biobank using RNAstable® or DNAstable® Plus.

Biobank Sample Management Workflow
Tracking and data capture performed in SampleWare® database


Customer Impact

  • Researchers have an established workflow for screening blood for PTSD markers that is being used as the blueprint for an Army biobank.
  • The Army aims to screen soldiers for the risk and development of PTSD and adjust their deployments and treatments accordingly.
  • Reducing the incidence of PTSD and improving its diagnosis will reduce the long term health care costs of soldiers and improve their quality of life.

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