Ambient Biobank for Distribution of Hospital Samples

Customer Problem

  • A hospital system wanted to easily assemble and ship DNA samples.
  • Freezing samples was not an option because of cost, space and turnaround time requirements.
  • Ambient storage allows automated sample processing into bar coded fractions that are assembled and shipped in days.

Biomatrica Solution

  • Biomatrica developed an automated method of fractionating DNA samples into 2D barcoded Micronic tubes coated with DNAstable®, then drying for ambient temperature storage and easy access.
2D barcoded Micronic tubes coated with DNAstable

Customer Impact

  • Custom filled tube racks were integrated into a sample processing workflow to store purified patient DNA samples.
  • The hospital is storing samples in a smaller space and can retrieve them for further testing and cohort assembly.
  • Lowering storage, processing and shipment costs allows hospitals to remain cost competitive for genetic testing while reducing response time.

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