Ambient Preservation of Field Portable Infectious Disease Assays

Customer Problem

  • Focus Diagnostics wanted to deploy the Simplexa™ system, which uses prepackaged assays that are stored cold for Ebola detection in Africa.
  • Deployment was difficult due to a lack of cold chain, with only a few regional hospitals far from potential patients.
  • Avoiding the need for cold storage would allow Simplexa to be used for widespread detection of infectious diseases.
Focus Simplexa

Biomatrica Solution

  • Biomatrica screened its chemical library to identify formulations that extended shelf life for dry tri-plex qPCR assays at elevated temperatures to simulate 176 days of storage.

Real Time PCR Ebola Assays

Focus Dx  real time PCR Ebola assay data table

Three Ebola RNA targets were measured for their cycle times (CT) using assays stored at different temperatures
on day 0 and day 21 to determine the ability of Biomatrica formulations to preserve assay performance. Twenty-one days at 45°C is equivalent to 176 days at 23 °C according to the Arrhenius equation.


Customer Impact

  • Biomatrica formulations were integrated into the Simplexa system using existing Focus manufacturing facilities.
  • The preserved assays were submitted for a government contract on Ebola detection.
  • Focus is now capable of providing ambient tests for the Simplexa system, allowing growth through access to new global markets.

Customer Testimonial

Watch a video of Dr. Michelle Tabb, Vice President, Research & Development at Focus Diagnostics, Inc. discussing the use of Biomatrica Technology in the Simplexa System from the 2014 Association of Molecular Pathology Conference.

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