Extending shelf-life of one-step, liquid RT-PCR assays for point of care

Customer Problem

  • RT-PCR reagents in a liquid-format, one-step, flow cell-based assay system of a major diagnostics manufacturer requires extended shelf life at ambient temperatures for emerging markets.
  • Lyophilization is not feasible due to humidity in flow cells.
liquid format one-step flow cell-based assay system

Flow cells position reagents with plungers and clamps, delivering reactions to a detector.


Biomatrica Solution

  • Biomatrica compounds maintain ambient stability of liquid format RT-PCR reagents in flow cells.
  • Six additional months added to assay shelf life.
 graphs of assay performance and signal intensity of flow cell assay system

RT-PCR reactions were performed over several months in flow cells stored at 25°C to assess overall assay performance by Ct and signal intensity.


Customer Impact

  • Product development of point of care platform advances with feasibility of six additional months stability.

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