Instantaneous Preservation of Rare Cells in Blood to Evaluate Cancer Therapy Selection

Customer Problem

  • A pharmaceutical company partnered with Biomatrica to preserve CTC morphology and cellular RNA.
  • Circulating tumor cell (CTC) counting can predict cancer patient survival, but this has not improved patient care.
  • Combining CTC counts with RNA sequencing will allow better cancer treatment.

Biomatrica Solution

  • Biomatrica developed liquid formulations for preserving cells and RNA in blood.
  • Blood preservative compatibility was demonstrated with downstream assays.

CTC Preservation in Blood

CTC Preservation in Blood
  1. Normalized EpCAM positive cells on Day 2 divided by EpCAM positive cells on Day 0 of no formulation control.
  2. Percent of 7AAD negative, EpCAM positive cells on Day2.
  3. Mean fluorescence intensity of Day 2 EpCAM positive cells divided by Day 0 EpCAM positive cells with no formulation control.
  4. ΔΔCt from Day 0 of ΔCt values normalized to actin.


Solutions CTC Biomarker Data

CTC Stabilization Preservation of CTC’s spiked into blood samples. CTC spiked blood samples were stored
for 4 days at ambient temperature with or without preserving formulations. CTC’s in unprotected blood (NP) deteriorated after a day, where CTC’s in preserved blood were intact after 4 days.


Customer Impact

  • Combining morphology information with genomic information from RNA sequencing allows determination of the molecular basis of cancers.
  • Formulations are available in evacuated blood draw tubes to simplify collection by using standard phlebotomy methods.
  • Offering a test with RNA and morphology information will enable the customer to boost sales by improving the efficacy of cancer treatments.

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