Minimizing Inconclusive Forensics Results Through Improved Sample Concentration

Customer Problem

  • Forensic samples often contain low DNA copy numbers, making STR profiling difficult.
  • Increasing PCR amplification cycles improves signal but creates noise that can impede analysis.
  • Current DNA concentration techniques can cause sample loss which limits their effectiveness.

Biomatrica Solution

  • DNAstable® in use by Washington State Patrol to minimize loss during DNA concentration, resulting in increased forensic DNA yields and STR peak heights.
Graphs of DNA recovery and STR peak height from DNAstable-treated and untreated forensic samples
DNAstable Improves DNA recovery from forensic samples. Improved DNA recovery is achieved with either ultrafiltration or vacuum centrifugation.
DNAstable improves STR peak height of forensic samples. DNA was concentrated with either ultrafiltration or vacuum centrifugation. Amplification was performed with AmpflSTR® Yfiler® Amplification kit.

Customer Impact

  • Increased DNA yields and STR peak heights allow more reliable use of often limited quantities of DNA samples, avoiding inconclusiveness in criminal cases.


Smith, E., Wilson, A., Sanderson, J., Hodge, P., Muller, R., Muller-Cohn, J., Shutler, G. A highly efficient method to concentrate DNA for forensic STR genotyping using DNAstable.® Poster Presentation at International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) Atlanta, GA, Oct 7 - 10, 2013.

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