Preservation of High Throughput Next Generation Sequencing Arrays

Customer Problem

  • An Ion AmpliSeq™ panel needed primers positioned and preserved on a 96-well plate.
  • Standard solutions were inadequate for manufacturing and shipment of the finished product.
  • Production of the array would allow Thermo Fisher to gain share in the diagnostic sequencing market.

Biomatrica Solution

  • Biomatrica screened its existing chemical library to identify formulations that would provide extended shelf life for the final product while securely positioning primers on a 96-well plate.
  • Following development, formulations were provided to Thermo Fisher for testing at their facilities.
  • Biomatrica incorporated a dye into the final formulation to allow visualization of dried primer spots.

Customer Impact

  • Formulations were used in manufacturing facilities with existing drying equipment, and the product was launched on schedule.
  • The panel could be opened without primers detaching from wells, increasing downstream sequencing reliability.
  • Thermo Fisher expects that offering targeted panels will enable them to maintain a strong position in the field of diagnostic sequencing.

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