Transport and Sequencing of Ebola Outbreak RNA at Harvard University

Customer Problem

  • The Sabeti laboratory at Harvard University was collecting Lassa fever and Ebola samples from western Africa.
  • RNA from the samples had to be shipped to Harvard for sequencing, but packages were frequently thawed and lost in transit.
  • Ambient RNA preservation would allow secure shipping of samples for sequencing to elucidate virus origin and transmission during an outbreak.

Biomatrica Solution

  • RNAstable® facilitated secure storage and transport of the purified RNA.
  • Samples were dried in the presence of RNAstable® for shipment in addition to shipping other samples on dry ice.

Customer Impact

  • Samples shipped using RNAstable® were sequenced to allow analysis of the Ebola genome from the recent outbreak. Samples shipped frozen were delayed and destroyed in transit.
RNA Shipping using RNAstable
  • As a consequence of her research work, Dr. Sabeti earned Time's Person of the Year award.
  • Understanding of how Ebola and other viral outbreaks change and spread will allow governments to effectively plan, thereby protecting the populace and responding quickly to new threats.

Customer Testimonial

Watch a video by the Sabeti lab at Harvard describing the collection of samples from patients in Africa.

Read more about how the Sabeti lab used Biomatrica products to collect samples.

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